No place like home

Today has been magical since the moment I woke up and realized I was tucked into a down comforter, not simply lying on top of the sheets feeling sticky under layers of sweat.

Upon rubbing the sleepies out of my eyes, I noticed it was going to take more than two steps to reach the other end of my room. Success.

Oatmeal or toast?  I pondered my usual options…until I opened the fridge and was greeted by a breath of chilled air.  And it did not smell like overheated plastic.  Fresh cut berries and an array of clean foods brought a smile to my face.

I even felt good about the glass into which I poured my water.  I was sure that there were no mice in those cabinets the night before and I didn’t have to wonder if the chips were open because they provided a late night snack for me, or if they were a rodent’s dinner.

When I stepped outside, I gazed out on a canopy of trees, instead of dust, dumpsters, and construction workers.  I felt the air and decided it was hot for a second, but was delighted to discover I wasn’t dripping sweat from any part of my body after walking from my car to the front of the store.

I lied out at a pool surrounded by grass and felt no hesitation in dunking my head under, allowing the water to fill in my nostrils and brush by my lips without wishing I could reach for some Listerine.

And now, I blog from a leather chair and am amazed by the central air conditioning, ready to throw a sweatshirt on if it gets any cooler in the room.

This is going to be a good week.


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