No place like home

Today has been magical since the moment I woke up and realized I was tucked into a down comforter, not simply lying on top of the sheets feeling sticky under layers of sweat.

Upon rubbing the sleepies out of my eyes, I noticed it was going to take more than two steps to reach the other end of my room. Success.

Oatmeal or toast?  I pondered my usual options…until I opened the fridge and was greeted by a breath of chilled air.  And it did not smell like overheated plastic.  Fresh cut berries and an array of clean foods brought a smile to my face.

I even felt good about the glass into which I poured my water.  I was sure that there were no mice in those cabinets the night before and I didn’t have to wonder if the chips were open because they provided a late night snack for me, or if they were a rodent’s dinner.

When I stepped outside, I gazed out on a canopy of trees, instead of dust, dumpsters, and construction workers.  I felt the air and decided it was hot for a second, but was delighted to discover I wasn’t dripping sweat from any part of my body after walking from my car to the front of the store.

I lied out at a pool surrounded by grass and felt no hesitation in dunking my head under, allowing the water to fill in my nostrils and brush by my lips without wishing I could reach for some Listerine.

And now, I blog from a leather chair and am amazed by the central air conditioning, ready to throw a sweatshirt on if it gets any cooler in the room.

This is going to be a good week.


I’m back, with a makeover!

I’m coming back to blogging because I feel like it.  I just miss writing.  When I am stressed, it really helps me to relax and gather my thoughts before I resort to public outburst or a mess of tears.  I journaled religiously throughout my life, but gave it up in college.  Much to my surprise, and sometimes chagrin, I noticed a difference after time.  I wasn’t in control of my emotions as I used to be, I felt like my thoughts couldn’t be gathered or organized on any one topic at all–not even those topics most close to my heart

I realized that I need to get it out in order to feel better, about anything!  I do this a lot with food journals and occasionally I just write about my emotions and my day, because I need to.  I have a google document that I’ve been keeping to myself, but I also read so many blogs, so I figured I’d give it another shot.  This time, I’m not aiming for readers, great pictures to post, or comments on every entry.  I just want to write.

Because it is still an issue I struggle with on a daily basis, I am committing to keeping a “healthy eating” focus on my blog, but I am not promising every post to be about food.  I don’t want to limit myself, rather just let myself de-stress and organize my often muddled brain in a fashion that has worked well for me in the past.  Though I am opening this “journal,” to the world, I am also freeing myself in sharing my thoughts and stories.  Sometimes I write in my journal and think-I need to share this with someone-so this will be my perfect venue!

I also want to elaborate slightly on my healthy eating focus, and explain more than “a diet to cure arthritis.”  Though I still struggle with joint pain/muscle aches, I won’t lie to you or myself that my only goal for eating healthy is to feel pain-free on my morning runs, because that wouldn’t be the truth.  Since I was a freshman in high school, I’ve counted calories and wondered what I could do to be “thinner.”  Throughout high school and college (thus far), I’ve been on diets and then back off of them…all the while messing myself up because I am a person who LOVES healthy food!  I was that weirdo who ate the sesame tofu at Whole Foods, not because it had less fat, but before I LOVE a well-prepared tofu dish!  Counting calories and trying to lose weight has made me lose sight of the healthy foods I love to eat for taste and pleasure, not just for a smaller waistline.  I am hoping to rediscover my love for healthy, un-processed foods, and hopefully, in the process, find relief from inflammation and fatigue.  “Munching to Mend,” therefore, takes on a new meaning…I will munch to mend the relationship with food that I’ve let fall by the wayside during the past couple of years.

And as for the new cupcake theme?  Well, I have an unpaid internship here in DC, so my paid job happens to be at Georgetown Cupcake.  As you may have already known, my sweet tooth is endless…so this has been both an incredible and dangerous summer job for me to have!  I do like the cupcakes, though, for how cute they are…hence the picture header 🙂  More to come on cupcakes for sure