Finally a moment to think…

As many of you have pointed out, I have unintentionally abandoned my blog.  What a semester it’s been so far.  Junior year in the nursing school is nothing like I expected nor is it anything like I’ve experienced before.  College standard used to be no classes before 10 AM, and now I’m reporting to the hospital by 6:2o AM on most days.  Sleeping in occurs when class is at 9 AM.  I know in the adult world, 6 AM is a reality…but its been a hard adjustment to what I’m used to.

Where I used to have a few free moments in my day…I am sitting in the library.  I can’t remember the last time I sat down to think about something other than schoolwork.

But being busy is usually a good thing, and the year is FLYING by.  I can’t even believe that it’s been almost 2 months since the last night I wrote!

I expect to adhere to the blog from here on out because of one major change I’ve taken on recently…I have stopped taking the medications prescribed for my reactive arthritis because they bothered my stomach excessively and daily.

It’s been about 2 weeks now since stopping the medications, and my foot/ankle that was originally affected feels sprained all over the place.  I know this is probably just going to be a year of various aches and pains until the reactive arthritis runs its course, but I am determined to follow the anti-inflammatory diet now more than ever.  And you will certainly hear about it!

Although this bone in filet will no longer be a part of my diet, it was a great treat during one weekend at home:

In recent news, my favorite place on campus to grab lunch is Gia Pronto, a cute little place with make your salads, organic soup, and paninis with farm-fresh ingredients.  The soup supplier has recently been updated to Hale and Hearty and I am obsessed with every flavor I’ve tried.

My favorite is Tomato Basil Rice:

I’ve never tried Tomato soup with rice..but Hale and Hearty’s version is awesome because it has big chunks of tomato throughout the rice.  So thick and filling, which is what I love about a good soup!

There will definitely be more Hale and Hearty soups featured here on my blog as I seriously take on the challenges of the anti-inflammatory diet!


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