Nouveau Riche

n., pl., nou·veaux riches (nū’vō rēsh’).
One who has recently become rich, especially one who flaunts newly acquired wealth.

I begin my post with this fitting description because that is exactly how I am feeling after running some errands this morning…only I am rich with new items and food; not money.  DEFINITELY not money.

A trip to the bookstore inspired me to get a new cookbook, as I am looking to cook a lot more this year and feature healthy recipes that I enjoy through this blog.  I chose this one, put out by Cooking Light.  The “5-ingredient, 15 minute recipes” tag on the front really sold me

While perusing the bookstore, a past time that never fails to entertain me, I picked up some good looking trail mix and Kind Bars for some snackage.  The coolest part about that trail mix? It has no salt or added sugar!  Just a simple blend of sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, and dried fruit..I love that companies like this one are taking the non-processed route with their foods.

I also picked up a package that I’ve been waiting forrrr…my new boat shoes!

I chose Sperry’s most classic women’s style.  I’m not a huge shoe person, and I usually have one go-to pair per season (summer-Rainbows; winter-mocassins)  I used to LIVE in my Minnetonka mocassins , right until I wore out the sole and the rubber detached from the bottom! I’m hoping that these will replace my mocassins in a sturdier fashion

Then I ventured to the grocery store, which is also one of my favorite places, and got some of dis stuff:

  • Sprouted Sourdough Ezekial bread (a staple)
  • Asian Gourmet sesame sauce–thinking of putting this with some tofu/chicken/veggies and noodles!
  • Falafel; tried them for the first time last week and kind of on a kick lately
  • Wholly Guacamole
  • Diced tomatoes with lime and cilantro; maybe Mexican’s in the plans for the week?
  • Dole Fruit Crisp: I am PSYCHED about this last one-I saw these around this summer and always wanted to try them, couldn’t resist buying them today.  It’s a little cup of Apple-Cinnamon fruit with a granola “crisp” topping that you heat up in the microwave.  Seriously can’t wait to give these a shot!

I also picked up some frozen veggies, which are always perfect to make a quick meal in the frying pan.  When I got home, I arranged my new goods in the refrig and was proud of how organized it all looked:

DC: essential, Falafel: yum, Milk: cereal., Cpt. Morgan: vom

Look how cute my apples fit in there!

My door contains all of my sauces (organic ketchup, Frank’s Red Hot, Sesame sauce) and some cheese **-important disclaimer** I do NOT promote Fat Free Cheese by any means, in fact I hate it and would never sacrifice the calories/fat for the exquisite taste of cheese, but on this diet I have been avoiding cheese because I am supposed to avoid dairy fat.

I’m a huge cheese fan, I could live off of cheese and crackers, and I’ve missed it so much lately that I had to buy some.  I am contradicting myself a little with this Kraft processed food item, so if I do this again, I will make the trip to the downtown Whole Foods to get some organic, reduced fat cheese

Another new item in my room is this super cool, but really goofy looking set of utensils from Ikea

I love bright colors, which drew me to this set that has a fork, knife, and spoon in hot pink, orange, yellow, lime green, turquoise, and dark blue.  Probably more utensils that I’ll EVER need, but they’re fun.  I love little kid-looking stuff, hence my Anthro Kid’s comforter:

Bright colors just make me so happy 🙂 I also got a lot of new plates and bowls to keep in my room, and I set all of the kitchen stuff up pretty nicely

Ignore the hairdryer in the background, it hangs on a hook there, but I am very proud of my color coordinating kitchen-ware!

Productive day I’d say.

Quick question…I am in the market for a coffee maker of some kind.  Preferably, I want one of those easy single cup Keurig’s because I don’t want to mess with filters or grounds.  Any suggestions??


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