An Ode to Summers in Ridgewood

Well I haven’t been posting in quite some time, since I was basically living at the golf tournament all weekend, but perhaps it is a good thing to get in the habit of posting every couple of days so I don’t overwhelm myself when I get back to school!

In recent news, I got a new camera!!!!!!!! I’ve been using my mom’s camera to take pictures all summer, but I really needed my own to take back to school with me.  I wanted something cheap, but decent, and the dude at Best Buy was quite a salesman, convincing me to buy this one

I got it in black, just like the one pictured here.  It’s sleek, cool looking, and the best part about it? There’s a FOOD “scene” option!!! I think that option is what sold me the camera.  I tried it out this morning on a bowl of overnight oats, and I gotta say its pretty spectacular:

(The oats were spectacular too, per usual)

For today’s post, I didn’t have many food-esque stories to discuss, and I couldn’t help but get a specific topic off my mind…hence the title of this post.  I feel so lucky to spend the summer months in my hometown of Ridgewood, NJ.  Summers here definitely contain some of the most magical moments of my life…comparable only to scenes on the legendary hit series, Wonder Years.

I am enchanted to recall the Fourth of July celebrations and spending the hot, humid days in the shade of gorgeous, old oak trees, like these ones that provide an umbrella for the deck of our home

In my middle and early high school years, before we even had our driver’s licenses, I reminisce on the first couple years of freedom…walking through the wet grass fields, barefoot and determined to make the most of my teenage years…

Like that photo with two of my truest childhood  friends, snapped on the 4th of July in 2005…we were babies!  We wanted so bad to grow up, take on the world, get into those high school parties…and yet we had so much crazy fun along the way…

When I got old enough to work, I began as a lifeguard at Graydon Pool, a man-made lake in Ridgewood where my family and I grew up, digging in the sand and jumping off the docks.  There, I really felt like I was a part of that Wonder  Years kind of life…we didn’t just work together, we practically LIVED together all summer long…

Could I really have asked for anything better? Definitely not.

So as I say goodbye to the summer of 2010, and leave Ridgewood behind until next year, I will bask in the joy of knowing I had one of the best childhoods possible in this place…hot days bike riding all over town were followed by long, endless nights, ice cream cones at Van Dyks…and perhaps a midnight swim at Graydon.  Nothing could be better.

The friendships that emerged were strong and true, merited by the colorful friendship bracelets we wore on our wrists.  It is a time in my life I will never forget, and is made up of the memories that will never fail to warm my heart, no matter how many miles I stray from my roots here in Ridgewood.

“I grew up in the suburbs. I guess most people think of the suburbs as a place with all the disadvantages of the city, and none of the advantages of the country, and vice versa. But, in a way, those really were the wonder years for us there in the suburbs. It was kind of a golden age for kids.” -The Wonder Years


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