I got them ALL cut!

Today feels like it was a month long.  The day started so early because my brother’s friend was here to go see the golf tournament and we wanted to get down bright and early…up at 8 :-\ eeks!  But I did manage to make myself an AWESOME breakfast sandwich

I cooked up some egg whites with hot sauce, smooshed 1/4 of an avocado onto some Ezekial toast, and added a few tomato slices.  Of course, I had to make a heaping pile of my *organic* ketchup to dip the sandwich in.  Not only was the combination delicious and filling, but again I found that my satiety lasted till way past lunchtime, and I can’t help but wonder if it was simply the addition of the avocado-the creamy, healthy fats sticking to my ribs all morning

And boy did I need a full stomach for the kinds of walking I was doing around that course.  Every time I leave the course, it feels SO.GOOD. to sit down!  My left foot is still really bothering me, kind of where the tendons attach on the inside near my arch…which is apparently a symptom of this arthritis, but hopefully it will get better as the year goes on

This weekend’s eats are not going to be superb since I am at the golf tournament, and their only offerings are pretty limited to hot dogs and hamburgers.  Instead, I grabbed a KIND Almond & Cashew bar when I was at Starbucks this morning.  Another superbly satisfying treat.  After leaving the course, I played “mom for the day” to run some errands for my mommy while was hard at work at the golf course.  I didn’t mind it, I LOVE grocery shopping (weird? maybe)

But worth it…for picking up THAT phenomenal character right there.  Lately, I’ve been eating Maranatha‘s line of organic nut butters, and to be honest…wasn’t too impressed.  Today, I saw these babies on special and had to give it a shot, after hearing so many good things about the Peanut Butter & Co. products.  I sliced up one of the beautiful, crisp, Pink Lady apples that I purchased and enjoyed it with some PB

I give this snack 5 stars, and this is definitely the first of many peanut butters I will buy from the Peanut Butter & Co. line.  I had such a hard time deciding what flavor to choose, between Dark Chocolate Dreams, Mighty Maple, the Bee’s Knees (w. honey), and White Chocolate Wonderful, but I finally chose Cinnamon Raisin Swirl because it said on the side “great with apples!”  I loved that the cinnamon was still somewhat grainy in the nut butter and you could really feel the sugar on your tongue…mmmmm 😀

In the afternoon, I got a hair cut…except this time, I got them ALL cut! Just had to include this joke partly to introduce my super corny sense of humor that I accredit to none other than my wonderful father

Yes, this is obviously a self-shot, and I am adamantly against those, but I just wanted to show everyone my new hair cut!

To end my marathon of a day, I decided to change somethin’ about the snacks that have been floating around my house lately…nothin too good, but a whole jar of Nutella, and that’s DANGEROUS.  I can take a spoon to a jar of Nutella in 20 minutes flat, and it’ll show ALLLLL over my face.  Just look at this beauty…

Obviously eating a  whole jar of Nutella is really not the best idea in the world.  However, my mom told me about a recipe she’d heard of earlier in the summer to make NUTELLA COOKIES.  Does that not sound like the best of both worlds? It does to me.  I started doing some googling and found this recipe, because my all-time favorite cookie is oatmeal chocolate chip.  When I looked at the recipe though, I noticed that the butter had to be softened…bummmmmerrrrrrrr. It only took me a few milliseconds to find a quick and easy way to get softened butter…microwave the stick for 14 seconds, and then roll it out with a rolling pin between two sheets of wax paper:

Worked like a charm! Great tip for bakers out there everywhere.  The final product was phenomenal…Sue, you better be excited for coming home tomorrow and trying these!

Lots of pictures today, but overall a busy and productive couple hours!


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