New eats and my 5 minutes of fame!

Yesterday morning, while I posted, I enjoyed another overnight oats creation that I was eager to try.  I picked up some Goji Berries the other day at Whole Foods, and was amazed at their deliciousness.

Is it embarrassing that this is all that's left after 2 days?

They look, and feel, like solid seeds, but when you bite into them they feel more like a raisin.  I threw them in a bowl of oats with some agave nectar and was pleasantly surprised to see that they plumped and softened even more while soaking in the liquid.  The taste was exquisite…unfortunately the photo got lost somewhere 😦

In the morning it was time to do some back to school shopping with the madre and I picked myself out a new backpack:

And that’s the one! I have had a similar looking blue North Face backpack since freshman year of high school…it almost feels like cheating to retire it after so many faithful years

While running errands, my mom and I also stopped at the Vitamin Shoppe…one of my mom’s favorite spots.  As she was searching for the new perfect multivitamin, I took a look at the nutrition bars and ended up picking out a few.  New bars ALWAYS make me so excited to try–maybe its because I like candy so much?? I picked out some good all natural ones to be sure that I wasn’t eating anything chemical/processed as I’m trying to steer away from that lately

The Kardea bar didn’t even make it 5 minutes out of the store and I munched it right there in the car on the way home…it was DELICIOUS.  I really like the Kashi GoLean Roll bars because they are so chewy and similar to a Snickers bar.  This bar featured the best part of the Kashi bars–the soft and nougaty part with nuts as the crunch.  I really loved it, and it was an added bonus that it was neither high cal or high fat.  The ProBar and the Garden of Life bars are still sitting in the pantry waiting to be tried, but I look forward to them just as well.

In the afternoon, I headed down to the golf course with my friend, Mia, to see some of the action.  We stood feet away from Dustin Johnson, JB Holmes, and Phil Mickelson.  My mission of the day was to get an autograph from Phil, so we watched him on the 18th green and then I waited for him to come back out to the putting green.

I waited anxiously amongst the 7 year old kids and got right in line when he came outside…and it was a greatttt success! (Borat voice) I just read a recent newspaper article that Phil has also been recently diagnosed with arthritis, and is using the help of an anti-inflammatory diet just like I am!  We actually had a 2 minute exchange where I told him I was starting the same diet as him and he told me its really working out well for him…pretty cool…thus my 5 minutes of fame 🙂

I definitely left the course starstruck.  It was a ton of fun.

In the evening, I grabbed a quick bite of Ezekial Bread with PB and banana…such a classic and exceptional flavor combination.  Then I met some of my friends at Starbucks to say goodbye to Julie, who’s leaving today to study abroad Spain for the next couple of months…good luck Jules, we’ll miss you!!!

I can only guess the weekend will be golf-filled and tiring, but I promise to update and keep blogging as much as I can.  I’ve realized that my eats are getting boring, so I am making a pledge today to do something…bake, cook, and put together something interesting to feature in my new post! Stay tuned.


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