Rain, rain, go away!

I am SO SICK of the rain!!! It has been raining since I got home on Sunday and it’s yet to stop.  The past two days have been a little drizzley, but today looks like the worst of them all…Looks like another day on the couch.  Maybe I’ll even get some back to school shopping done!

This week begins the Barclay’s golf tournament at Ridgewood Country Club, where my parents play golf.

My mom and dad are both volunteering for the tournament, and the rest of my family is passing around tickets to go down and see the action.  I’ve just started playing golf myself, and the course at Ridgewood is absolutely beautiful.  The tournament was hosted here 2 years ago in 2008, and it returns again to this breathtaking landscape…

I am pretty excited to see the golfers who will run this place for the next couple of days..Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and tons of other big names in the golf world.  Yesterday, we walked around and watched the practice rounds plus some of the hitting on the driving range.  We didn’t really see anyone big time, but we did see Adam Scott on the driving range…

and he just might be my new favorite professional golfer 😉

As far as eats for yesterday, I’ve let you all down if you were looking for something new and exciting.  Breakfast began the same as the day before, with a bowl of Kashi Good Friends cinna-raisin cereal plus a chopped banana.  I won’t include a picture, as it’d look the same as yesterday.  As I was rushing down to the course, I grabbed a KIND bar to hold me over.

These bars are awesome.  For a quick snack on the go, they have everything you should be looking for…non-processed so that means it lacks the high fructose corn syrup and chemical additives, it’s full of protein and monounsaturated fats with the nuts, and it full of energy-packed carbohydrates through the dried fruit.  I love every bite of these bars every time I try them.

When I returned home from the golf tourney, I wanted a small snack to tide me over till dinner time so I make a quick, sweet, and delicious snack by spreading some organic PB on a whole wheat tortilla and drizzling some agave nectar over top.

I’m really getting into this agave nectar! As someone with a HUGE sweet tooth, it’s the best little topping to put on practically ANYTHING.

I’ve just begun this rainy day with a big bowl of overnight oats (this time using greek yogurt to soak the oats in!!!!) and I am EVEN MORE EXCITED than when I tried the original overnight oats!!  But more about that later…for now its off to my MRI, and then who knows, maybe a trip to Anthropologie is in store?


2 responses to “Rain, rain, go away!

  1. Question: Have you tried making a milkshake with fro-yo and agave nectar? Maybe even some fresh berries to spice it up?

    I am going to try overnight oats for breakfast tomorrow on your recommendation 🙂

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