New obsession

Yesterday morning, I discovered a new best friend, in the form of a breakfast cereal…OVER.NIGHT.OATS. I linked a few different recipes, but I decided to make them very simply.  And it turned out phenomenal! Despite it being 1:30 in the morning (sorry Mom and Dad for the late night kitchen sounds), I managed to put together:

  • 1/2 cup Quaker Oats-nothing special, just the canister of the instant kind
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 1/2 chopped up banana
  • A capful of vanilla extract
  • Sprinkled cinnamon

Then, I covered the entire bowl with some saran wrap and left it in the fridge overnight.  Perhaps the best part was how excited I was to take the bowl out of the fridge and dig in!  I almost got up at 6 just to get breakfast started early…almost 😉  But when I finally dug in, I was in an ultimate mode of breakfast bliss

I simply cannot rave about this delectable breakfast treat enough, and you all need to give it a shot.  I really enjoyed that it was quick and easy to make, and that it was a breakfast I could just pull out of the fridge and enjoy immediately.  I’m not much of a morning person, so preparing a great breakfast is always a challenge for me, but that’s not a worry with overnight oats.  I also really enjoyed the cold factor, and the creamy texture is unbeatable.  It was a great start to my day!

I powered through an hour long eliptical workout at the gym, definitely aided by the energy of my wonderful breakfast, and then headed home to take on the challenge of: LUNCH.

One of the best things about this blog, for me, is the knowledge that I can’t just eat the same thing every single day because that would bore all of my readers!  So as I was looking through the fridge, I pulled out a few items that I thought might go well together:

  • Tofu
  • Liquid egg whites
  • Asian sesame marinade

I crumbled the tofu and put it in a bowl with the asian sesame marinade first

Next, I got a pan going with some egg whites.  After they were cooking for a while, I threw in the tofu mixture and stirred all of the juices around, deciding last minute to throw in a handful of baby spinach

The mixture came out great.  I have not always been the biggest tofu fan, because its very hard to enjoy without the right sauce, but this was the perfect combination.  I am a huge fan of scrambled egg whites, and it was hard to even tell the difference between the tofu and the egg whites.  It just tasted like a huge scramble, and the sesame flavor was a wonderful addition to the whole mixture

I toasted a piece of Ezekial bread to go with the mixture, and it was great.  I also sliced up an orange to finish it all off, and by the end of lunchtime I was fully satiated as well as fully satisfied.

In the evening, I drove down to Hoboken to see my sister Sue’s new apartment and have dinner with Sue and my cousin, Jenny, from Florida!  It was a great treat to hang out and we had so much fun walking around Hoboken and catching up.  I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures of the delicious foods we enjoyed, but we ate at an awesome restaurant called Court Street and all 3 of us decided on Wednesday Lobsterfest special- a 1 1/4 lb. lobster served with soup and a baked potato.

Lobster is my favorite food, and it lived up to all of my expectations.  I was even pleasantly surprised to see that the baked potato was served with spaghetti squash and a mixture of mashed beets!  I’ve never been a beet fanatic, but this mash was sweet and delicious.  I ate every bite.

We finished the night at Oyo, an organic frozen yogurt place.  I topped mine with the usual..fruit and some graham cracker crumble, which is the ultimate froyo topping in my book.

It was not only awesome to see Jenny and catch up, but I also got some advice towards my blog!  Jenny has been blogging about healthy eating as a college student for a long time now and is definitely way ahead of me in the blogging world.  She gave me some great advice on how to get this blog going and get the word out, so hopefully I can get this project underway and get some readers soon!

Today, we are off to the pool to soak up some sun, and this evening, I’ll be heading down to the beach for the weekend.  I can’t promise I’ll be able to document my foods or blog much throughout the weekend, but I’ll be back Monday!  Have a great weekend 🙂


One response to “New obsession

  1. Looks good, Maggie! Two things I recommend to get more people reading: 1) figure out a way to get your posts automatically posted to your Facebook account and put a link to the blog on your Facebook page, and 2) do the same thing with Twitter.

    Have a great weekend – looks like you’re eating some awesome food!

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